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Hi All,

Not a studio or tour diary this time but a little news. I have started a new Patreon account which houses all the projects I have running. The Patreon is the one stop resource for my music, archive and research, including my Clifftown Podcast and my creative collaborations. I want this to be like an old fashioned fan club where you get engaging and exciting material for your subscription. Every month I will be uploading new songs (either demos, cover versions, live takes, collaborations or even experiments) and an archive which may include essays on my musical experiences, tour diaries and explanations of the songs I am uploading.

This site will also be a great outlet for me to pursue projects in greater depth after the releases associated with them have moved on. I’m really looking forward to working on building The Clifftown Podcast bringing a select number of episodes out each year for you to enjoy. There will also be some typical fan club style offerings you will hopefully enjoy.

You can join the Patreon here:

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