New EP

The Fishermen’s Chapel in Leigh-on-Sea sits on the other side of the railway track from the old town, on a busy single carriageway it sits analogous with its surroundings, blink and you’ll miss it as you shoot by in your car or look out from the commuter train as it makes its way along the coast towards Southend. Sited in around 1879 and rebuilt in the 1930s the chapel is unassuming and decorated with model boats and photographs of sea cadets and fishermen from the ages. It is here at the end of August I will be recording a new EP with Birmingham based quartet, The Froe.

I originally worked with The Froe in 2014 on my With Wolves the Lamb Will Lie album, where they added mesmerising string arrangements to some of my songs. Helen Bell (violin) is a great arranger who has recently joined me at shows and who I have worked closely with on this project. One weekend in early 2017 in Harbonne, Birmingham, we met with Charlie Wild (violin & viola) and worked on some of the potential songs. Emma Capp (cello) and Ruth Angel (violin) will add further depth to the arrangements with their own individual styles that make The Froe such a great band. Recording us will be my good friend and all round genius, Andy Bell.

And what about the songs? Well, I offered about eight songs to the project which was whittled down to around five. The material is a little darker in subject matter and the plan will be to open with a primer on night time noir in the shape of ‘Blood Moon’. ‘Giving Up the Ghost’ is also a definite inclusion as is the song ‘Night Driving’, which has been in my pocket for a number of years. Who knows what may occur during the week of recording, the unexpected is part of the excitement.

I look forward to sharing the new EP with you all very soon.  

M G Boulter